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Saxophones are conical-bored transposing steel or brass instruments. A member of the wood wind family of musical instruments, the saxophone is played with the help of a single reed mouthpiece, much like a clarinet. The saxophone was created by its inventor Adolphe Sax back in 1841.

One of the most common of all musical instruments used in modern music today is the saxophone. Used in almost every genre including jazz, rhythm and blues, hip hop, and other forms of contemporary music. There are many different kinds of saxophones, including the alto saxophone and the tenor saxophone.

The alto saxophone is a medium sized saxophone that is in the key of E flat. Well known as one of the most commonly played types of saxophones, the alto sax is the perfect started saxophone. The tenor saxophone is a type of saxophone that is much bigger than the traditional alto saxophone. Tuned to the key of B flat, the tenor saxophone also uses a much larger mouth piece.

There are many web sites online that have saxophones for sale too at reasonable and affordable prices. Some of the better brands and manufacturers to look for include Cannonball, P. Mauriat, Selmer, Yamaha, Unison, Leblanc/Vito, Keilwerth, Yanagisawa and Buffet Crampon. Be careful though when buying used saxophones, as theft is a common occurrence in bars and clubs where jazz bands are frequent. Tell tale signs of thieves selling stolen used instruments include filed off serial numbers, extremely cheap prices, and the seller's ignorance of the used saxophone he or she is selling. For more information and tips On Saxophones visit the website,

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