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Spanish music has become increasingly popular due to the hit-makers of pop superstars Shakira and J-Lo. Did you know that there are many different types of Spanish music? Every Spanish-speaking country has its own version of what Spanish music is, and it differs greatly from culture to culture.

Salsa is a type of Spanish music that is featured prominently in Cuban and Puerto Rican communities. Salsa is a fast moving style of dance that is popular in all of the clubs these days. It is popular because the dance moves do not require a lot of space, so more people can be squeezed in to enjoy this music on a dance floor. Salsa music is a combination of African rhythms with Spanish beats.

Tango music and dance is known for its dramatic flair. You probably already have a picture in your head of a woman dancing with a rose held in her teeth! The music is fairly classical featuring violins, double bass and a piano, but it can also have the accompaniment of flutes and clarinets.

Spanish pop music is a meld of many regions that is produced to appeal to the masses. Pop music is usually more about the singers than the songs themselves.

Latin jazz does not have a backbeat which makes it sound completely different from American jazz music. The rhythm is straight and not like the swing sound found in American jazz. Latin jazz combines African rhythms with conga drums giving it a Caribbean flavor

Bossa nova music originated in the country of Brazil. Unlike other types of Spanish music, bossa nova does not use percussion instruments. Instead, bossa nova is infused with guitar and piano instruments to give it a gentle rhythm.

Tejano music is often characterized as a Spanish polka, if you can imagine that sort of comparison. Tejano music roots are from Mexico and traditionally feature an accordion, but synthesizers have been used more recently to update this classic style of Spanish music.

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