Free Pub Trivia Quiz Questions – May 2009

Try out this month's free quiz questions and see how you get on !

This first section could be used as a handout round in a pub quiz ...

What colour is ... ?

1. Rose Wine

2. The Eight of Diamonds

3. The cross outside a French chemist shop ?

4. The leaders jersey in the Tour de France ?

5. Delft Dutch Earthenware

                What Are There Common Factor ?

6. Bassoon, Clarinet, Piccolo ?

7. Pompano, Tarpon, Corvina

8. 1976, 1981, 1997 ?

9. Marco Polo, John Lennon, Leonardo Da Vinci ?

10. Married Lovers, Hollywood Wives, Second Act ?


Handout Answers

Pink Red Green Yellow Blue Woodwind Instruments Fish Years that the United Kingdom have won the Eurovision Song Contest All have Airports named off them Novels By Joan Collins


11. Which vegetable s can be French or Broad ?


12. Complete Tesco founder, Jack Cohen’s motto, ‘Pile It High and ...’ what ?

      ‘Sell It Cheap’

13. Which aromatic plant takes it’s name from the Latin lavo, meaning ‘I Wash’ ?


14. Whose biography was called ‘Neither Shaken Nor Stirred’ ?

      Sean Connery

15. In the kitchen, what would a mandolin be used for ?


16. Which letter of the alphabet is used to describe a soft lead pencil ?


17. What type of headgear was first worn in the late 18th century by John Etherington of London?

      The Top Hat

18. The shortest day is in which calendar month ?


19. According to the song, what did Tony Bennett leave in San Francisco ?

      His Heart

20. Which Egyptian city is Africa’s largest city ?


21. Where in the human body is the scapula ?

      Shoulder Blades

22. In which British county is Newlyn ?


23. Which mountain was said to be home of the Greek Gods ?


24. Which blue eyed singer did Ava Gardner marry ?

      Frank Sinatra

25. The films ‘ET’ & Charlie’s Angels both starred which actress ?

      Drew Barrymore

Stick Or Twist Round

A correct answer to number 26, will award you with 1 Point, 2 points for a correct answer to number 27 and so on ... A total of 15 points are available for the round (26-30), however you can ‘stick’ and stop answering questions at any point through the round, the reason is, if you get one wrong from your consecutive answers from 26-30, then you will get lose all your points acquired (26-30) only, so make it nice and clear where you chooses to ‘stick’ by leaving all further answers blank. You don’t get any points if you answer any questions after your ‘Stick’ point. Your team must decide to ‘Stick’ on each question if they don’t know the answer (and leaving it blank), or to ‘Twist’ and answer the question, with the possible result of losing all their points for the round (26-30).

                1 Point

26. How many colours are there on the Belgian flag ?


                2 Points

27. Which ‘DA’ narrated ‘The Blue Planet’ ?

     David Attenborough

                3 Points

28. Which fruit is used in a Cumberland sauce ?


                4 Points

29. Hamadryad is an alternative name for what type of snake ?

      King Cobra

                5 Points

30. What was landscape gardener ‘Capability’ Brown’s first name ?


Tie: In which year did ‘The Mary Rose’ sink ?


By: Richard Jagger

About the Author:

Richard Jagger is the owner of Pub Quiz Quizzes and has been quizmaster at several venues throughout West Yorkshire over a span of 20+ years
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