Christmas Figurines

Brief History of Figurines:

Figurines or statues have been made by humans since the dawn of time. Ancient civilizations made figurines and statues of everything they could, from their kings to common people and from animals to a representation of their deity. These were made from materials that were readily available to the artisan, such as stone, wood or clay. As time went on and other materials were invented they too were used, things like porcelain, glass, metals and resin. Many of these ancient figurines can be seen in museums around the world. Today figurines are most often made of porcelain, glass, acrylic or a resin. These are found in homes, business, churches and in government offices. They are used as decorations, for religious observance, inspiration or to help us remember special events or people.

Collectible Santa Figurines:

Many children the world over believe in Santa Claus. Adults and children alike love Santa figurines as they seem to help bring the spirit of Christmas to everyones home. Father Christmas Musical Figurines are a perfect way to do this as they combine the look of Christmas with music of the season. There are fun figurines like the Cowboy Santa Bobble Head for those that enjoy a western type theme for their Christmas. For Santa figurines for the living room there is the popular Santa's Letters Clothtique Possible Dreams and for the children there is Santa with Electric Candle or the Sitting Santa Snow Globe. And then there are Large Illuminated Outdoor Santa Claus to help light up the front yard.

Guardian Angel Figurines:

In 2004, 78 percent of Americans said that they believe in the existence of angels, according to a Gallup poll. Many people of different religions believe that angels are beings sent from God to help humans and in some cases to be a guardian for them for a time. There are many angel figurines such as Guardian Angel with Sheep, for children the Sweet Angel Figurine Bell, as part of a nativity arrangement 5 Inch Standing Angel Nativity and for simple display the Table Top Angel Holding A Clarinet.

Other Christmas Figurines:

Now at Christmas time its not just Santa and Angels there many other figurines that can be displayed to brighten the home and help bring that Christmas spirit in, some can even be left out longer than just at Christmas. There is a beautiful Reindeer Pulling Victorian Sleigh, or for the classical Santa there is Coca Cola Christmas Santa Claus Ornaments, or even for the little larger sets 23 Inch Chapel Micah The Nativity Shepherd. When decorating your home there are many figurines or small statues that can be used to bring out the season.

Snowman Christmas Figurine:

Another popular Christmas figurine is that of a snowman. Back in the middle ages people use to make snowmen when new snow fell, a practice still done today. In the northern hemisphere snowfall is often an indication of the coming Christmas season. There are a variety of snowmen figurines like the Acrylic Lighted Snowman Figurine, or the Whimsical Snowman Porcelain Figurine. For children there is the Snowman Holding Electric Candle which can also double as a nightlight. And for those families with yards there is a Large Outdoor Illuminated Snowman Family.

By: Mitch Jelly

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